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What We Do

Water Safety Education & Training

The Josh Project carries out its mission by providing affordable water safety education and affordable swimming lessons. We accomplish these objectives by providing classroom instruction and hands on training in the pool.  

Program Structure:

  • Students and parents attend orientation where they are informed of TJP goals and objectives and provided with information for behaving safely while in and around water and swimming lesson materials
  • Students are assessed for their current level of water safety knowledge and swim ability
  • Students participate in 6 half-hour swim lessons.
  • At the end of the 6th lesson, students are evaluated and their level of swim ability is shared with parents/guardians.

Goals and Objectives of Water Safety Classroom Instruction

  • Parents and children will know best practices for remaining safe while in and around water ( life jackets, designated water watcher, following pool rules) etc.
  • Parents and children will be able to identify safety tools that should be available at pools and how to use them
  • Parents and children will know how to select and wear a proper life jacket based on size and activity
  • Parents and children will have knowledge of what to do in case of a water emergency

Goals and Objectives of Swim Instruction

  • Children will be able to tread water for at least one minute
  • Children will be able to complete a 50 yard swim, freestyle
  • Students will be able to jump into deep water and swim safely to the side





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